Let’s work together with nature to achieve net-zero.

Let’s work together with nature to achieve net-zero.

Our innovative technological solution will reward landowners and farmers with the highest quality, verifiable and scientifically proven carbon offsets just for allowing their hedgerows to grow.

Landowners with Hedgerows
Offset Buyers

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Landowners with Hedgerows
Offset Buyers

Hedgerows are critical for absorbing greenhouse gases and in the UK alone could absorb over 500,000 tonnes of C02 per year while providing vital habitat and wildlife corridors for many different species of animals. Hedgerows also provide other important natural services including pollination, soil conservation, pest control, and flood reduction.

Our technology is being developed in collaboration with leading academics and Lowther Estates Trust in Cumbria to measure biomass in hedgerows and calculate their carbon content.

Voluntary Carbon Markets

McKinsey, estimates that demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by a factor of up to 100 by 2050. Overall, the market for carbon credits could be worth upward of $50 billion in 2030.

Nature Based Carbon Offsets from Hedgerows

Research indicates that the total addressable market for hedgerow carbon offsets in the UK alone is up to £60,000,000 per annum.

Rapid removal of CO2

The National Farmers Union estimate that there are 700,000 km of hedgerows in the UK. Managing them and allowing them to grow will enable the rapid removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

How It Works

Down to the Roots

We use different types of airborne and satellite remote sensing to map and measure your hedgerows. The data generated will allow us to estimate the carbon content of hedgerows not only above ground but right down to and including the roots and we are continuously working to improve the accuracy through ongoing field studies. This gives us a baseline.

We will encourage you to grow and manage better hedgerows, we will measure periodically and be able to award you with valuable offsets on a frequent basis.

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